Temperature Monitoring Systems Saudi Arabia

//Temperature Monitoring Systems Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia or KSA, being a country with high temperatures, it is but natural that Temperature Monitoring activities be carried out frequently to ensure conformance to recommended and universally accepted standards. Also, being home to the reputable Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA), it goes without saying that it scrutinizes its food and drug related activities very closely. Our company Vacker Global understands this requirement and hence we offer our services and products, by providing Temperature Monitoring Systems Saudi Arabia or KSA, in Riyadh, Al Khobar, Dammam, Jeddah, etc., which can be used to monitor crucial parameters such as temperature, pressure and humidity. This can be done remotely by continually analyzing the parameters and generating alerts for any non-compliance detected.

Server rack monitoring systems are introduced into a rack to review the physical and electrical status of registering hardware. They naturally assemble information about the local environment, and report it back through different monitoring and detailing stages.

With reference to their design, server monitoring systems can resolve issues in two or three different ways: they either consequently make changes (utilizing AI) or report the issue to an expert who will physically mediate. Present-day computing equipment is significantly more strong and dependable than it was years prior.

All things considered, this gear has impediments that should be kept up with. In case conditions aren’t ideal, it will contrarily affect the manner in which the equipment runs. Processors can get excessively hot to where they deform the chip and crash a system. Regardless of whether they’re running excessively cold, processors complete jobs gradually and turn out to be less compelling.

Picking the right server rack monitoring system for a given circumstance can be troublesome. It’s very crucial to closely monitor everything for providing the right information and environment in which computer equipment can function. And to help you clear these doubts VackerGlobal can help you pick and install the required system.


Temperature monitoring systems Saudi Arabia or KSA are composed of the following units:

  • Temperature and humidity data loggers for continuous monitoring of data.
  • Sensors for ensuring compliance to acceptable temperature and humidity levels.
  • Alert systems such as phone call, SMS or email, when parameters exceed present alert levels.
  • Our company Vacker Global also provides a free software to monitor refrigerators remotely.

How it works?

Vacker Global’s real time temperature monitoring systems in Saudi Arabia or KSA operate on the following principle:

  • Sensors that monitor atmospheric parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure are placed in the region of investigation.
  • The sensors collect data continuously for predetermined intervals called “sampling intervals”, which range from micro seconds to hours depending on the parameter criticality.
  • This data is continuously communicated to a central base station, which then transmits the data to the internet.
  • The base station monitors the parameters continually and any deviation from the pre-programmed alert levels is instantly reported to the operators through alerts such as SMS, email or voice call.


Vacker Global’s real time temperature monitoring systems in Saudi Arabia or KSA, are equipped with the following features:

  • Data loggers can record data for months together without needing human intervention.
  • Sensors are extendable up to 25 meters and can be placed anywhere within the refrigerator.
  • One remote monitoring system can connect up to 4 refrigerators or freezers.
  • Temperature and humidity ratings are displayed on the local screen.
  • Data can be recorded within the device or over LAN.
  • Compliant to 21CFR Part 11 US standards.
  • Power backup of 100 hours.

Why use Temperature Monitoring Systems Saudi Arabia or KSA?

Temperature monitoring is required in areas either storing or transporting temperature sensitive goods such as vaccines, medicines, chemicals, vegetables, fruits, frozen food. It is also needed in sectors or areas having unacceptable levels of temperature or humidity, water leakage, etc. Vacker Global’s temperature monitoring systems in Saudi Arabia or KSA offers services and products in areas such as Riyadh, Al Khobar, Dammam, Jeddah, etc., in the below listed sectors:

  • Refrigerators
  • Warehouses
  • Cold rooms, walk in freezers, cold storages
  • Industrial freezers
  • Reefers, vans
  • Data centres and server rooms
  • Intensive care units, patient rooms, clinically isolated rooms, clean rooms in hospitals.
  • Clean rooms in manufacturing environments.
  • Furnaces, kills, autoclaves, industrial equipment and processing machines
  • During concrete curing process


Types of temperature monitoring systems in Saudi Arabia or KSA

Vacker Global group of companies has the following types of real time temperature monitoring systems to offer to various sectors:

  • Ethernet-based real-time monitoring systems
  • Wi-Fi communication based real time remote temperature monitoring system
  • Radio Frequency based real-time remote temperature monitoring system
  • Zigbee protocol based real time monitoring system
  • IP sensor-based real-time monitoring systems