Cooling Plant Accessories

///Cooling Plant Accessories

Cooling plants are considered as very integral parts of any cooling system. Cooling systems are the suppliers of cooling medium. However, the means to distribute the cooling medium is not included in the cooling system. The cooling system may consist of single to multiple chillers. There are various accessories that constitute the cooling system. Vacker KSA supplies a wide range of cooling plant accessories in various cities of Saudi Arabia like Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Jubail, Medina, Najran, Mecca, Khamis, Mushayt, etc. The cooling plants are complete systems that provide complete cooling solutions. The cooling systems consist of cooling plants that provide cooling solutions in desired space with specific controlling systems.

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Expansion Unit

The expansion unit accessories are designed for expanding the storage space that is connected to various expansion enclosures with high-speed cables. Fast data transfer is made possible by the use of high-speed cables. The places like virtualization and large data applications which require high-performance like video scrutiny, storage of broadcasting TV and much more uses high-speed cables. Continuous sustainable of operations can be achieved by using these expansion unit accessories.

Fresh Air Handling Unit

Fresh air handling units are made up of thermal break outline with high-quality polyutherane foams which are CFC free and insulated in fiber glass. These units can be mounted on the floor or can be suspended from the ceiling as well. The fans in the fresh air handling unit are curved backward with high efficiency for air and sound performance. Vacker KSA supplies a wide range of high-quality fresh air handling units with extremely high efficiency. Most of these units come with cooling coils with anti-corrosive coatings. These units are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with controlled air flow.

Fan Coil Unit

A fan coil unit is a device that consists of heating and cooling heat exchanger or it may also consist of coils or a fan. This unit is an integral part of an HVAC system that is found in houses, commercial and industrial structures. These fan coil units are generally stacked vertically from floor to floor, in cases of high-rise buildings. All the units are connected to the same piping loop. In large residential and commercial applications, these units perform delivery means for hydronic chiller boiler systems. In this case, the fan coil units are placed in bathroom ceilings for high level of comfort zone.

Split Unit Air condition

Split unit air conditions are generally connected from indoor to outdoor units. One indoor unit is connected to an outdoor unit. With Vacker KSA, the installation and usage of split unit air condition are never an issue. It can simply be installed and the ductwork of this system is not obstructive at all to the buildings. Split unit air conditions from Vacker KSA deliver and extremely sophisticated and all round air conditioning solution that will meet your budget and your style.

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Air Curtain

An air curtain is a device that is used for preventing movement of air along with other contaminants from one place to another. There are downward facing blower fans that are mounted over the entrance of buildings. Air curtains are also very important parts of any cooling system.


A blower is a mechanical device that is used for blowing air or other gases. It increases the speed of the fan to increase the movement in the volume of the air stream. Blower uses the kinetic energy of impellers in order to increase the volume of the air stream and this, in turn, moves the impellers against the resistance produced by the dampers, ducts or other components. The air is displaced by the blowers which changes the direction of the air flow.


A damper is a device in the form of a valve or a plate that regulates or prohibits air flow inside ducts, or any other air handling equipment. Dampers are used in cutting off central air conditioning from spaces where air conditioning is not required. Vacker KSA also supplies automated and motorized dampers with customized calibration of degree of air flow for perfect climatic control.

Exhaust Fan

An Exhaust fan is a device that is used for moving air out of an enclosed space. This device creates air current by the movement of its parts and surfaces keeping the temperature and quality of air in the ambient space under normal conditions. It dilutes and displaces pollutants, as well, from the ambient air. It can also be used for thermal comfort.

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